Many of you do not know, but breast cancer is prevalent in my family. My Aunt Marcia is a survivor from way back in the 80s. My cousin Laura is a 3 year survivor and my cousin Vickie survived 2 tough battles with cancer, before passing away April 4, 2012 during her 3rd battle.

Our family is full of strong women, but none were as strong as Vickie. She fought with heart, with hope, with pride. This last battle she kept private, it surprised us when she passed. She didnt want anyone to feel sorry for her, or worry about her.  Only her parents and sister (Laura) knew what she was going through.

This loss drove me to SO SOMETHING. I have beautiful strong girls in my life and I don’t want this next generation to have worry about breast cancer. I look at how Vickie fought and find strength from her.  I took this strength and on April 9 registered for the Susan G. Komen walk. I’ve been training be walking 3-4 miles / 3 days per week and doing a 6 mile walk (I had to work up to that one) on the weekends. It was really hard at first, but now my body is used to it and the only hard part is finding the time with a crazy schedule.

Seventy-five percent of the net proceeds raised by the 3-Day fund national research and large public health outreach programs. The remaining 25 percent funds local community and Affiliate outreach programs.

No breast cancer organization provides more support and care than Komen. Virtually every major advance in the fight against breast cancer in the last 30 years has been impacted by a Komen grant, and millions of women rely on Komen every day. These women need our help more than ever to safeguard Komen’s great work in our local communities for another 30 years.

Any contribution you can make to help me meet my minimum fundraising is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, pray for me (in whatever way you personally do) for strength, patience and ability to achieve this goal. I will have all of you on my mind while walking in October and know that I wouldnt be there without donations, kind thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,