Global Immigration Services

Work Authorization, Consular Support, Residence & Registration

Providing direction and guidance on how to set up an immigration program is a role we play naturally with all of our corporate clients.

We provide guidelines for implementation of a global immigration policy, as well as offering on-site global immigration counseling, consulting and training seminars. We work with you to review each planned assignment to ensure that the correct visa strategy is applied.

Whether a client needs assistance in starting a program from the ground up, or wants help in restructuring in the face of organizational or staffing changes, Pro-Link GLOBAL is there to partner with clients to develop the best solutions.

 We provide advice and recommend immigration best practices for clients based on the size, type and industry of the organization, addressing components such as staffing and resources, technology utilization, service delivery models, compliance strategies and procedures, training and education, and performance measurement.

 We also help clients integrate their immigration program with related corporate initiatives, particularly in Human Resources areas such as Business Traveler Management and Relocation.

China New Work Permit System

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  • Initial assessment of visa type & strategic planning based on travel & nuances
  • Detailed step-by-step personalized process guides
  • Work authorization
  • Spouse & family member or dependent immigration permits and visas
  • Document procurement
  • Apostille & Authentication of vital records
  • Translation & notarization of key immigration documents

  • Preparation of Visa application forms
  • Completion of Visa support letters
  • Advice on process requirements & time frames
  • Submission of applications, or detailed submission guidance, where the Consulate requires in –person appearance
  • Follow-up with Consular Authorities ( where permitted), collection & return of passport

  • Residence Permit
  • Registration at local authorities
  • Maintaining legal status

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