Global Compliance Services

Training, Audits, Monitoring & Representation

The increasingly global marketplace, national security concerns, and mandated initiatives calling for a renewed sense of corporate responsibility are compelling businesses to make immigration compliance a top priority.


Pro-Link GLOBAL provides on-site and web based training of immigration compliance risks, mitigation and anti-corruption training to key HR and Mobility professionals.

Internal Audits

Conducting complex cross border business transactions may be exposed to unforeseen, unintended immigration-related consequences, such as legal liabilities and significant monetary penalties. Pro-Link GLOBAL provides comprehensive internal audit of immigration policy and document services. Due diligence must include an analysis of the company’s immigration-related issues and how best to address them, as well as the mapping-out of a comprehensive sanctions and liability avoidance strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether it is a corporate restructuring, merger, acquisition, asset purchase or spin-off, it is beneficial to both the buyer and seller to address immigration law issues as early as possible in the transaction.  Pro-Link GLOBAL has significant expertise in providing management with the necessary transactional support to ensure that the right questions are asked, correct answers provided and a liability avoidance strategy is adopted.


Robust enforcement efforts and constantly changing immigration requirements for hiring foreign nationals and verifying employment eligibility are key to today’s immigration environment. As a result, global employers must be vigilant in complying with all aspects of immigration-related laws and regulations.

Pro-Link GLOBAL uses state-of-the-art Immigration Management Systems in every country we provide services, to verify employment and monitor immigration status of every foreigner.  We provide immediate support in the event of worksite enforcement actions and have a strong track record in successfully managing every worksite compliance action taken to date.

  • Training for corporate counsel, global mobility and human resource professionals
  • Internal audits of all immigration related programs & files
  • Detailed review of International Assignment Policy
  • Monitoring of changes in employee status, immigration deadlines and amendments to job titles that may impact assignments
  • Keeping your HR professionals updated with the latest in changes to the immigration regulatory landscape
  • Using state-of-the-art technology to carefully manage private data.
  • Robust representation in work site enforcement audits

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