September 17, 2013 

In response from UK business for more flexibility, The UK Home Office announced several changes to immigration regulations that are set to take effect beginning 1 October 2013.

Certain changes will be applicable to all tiers of the Points-Based System.  The most notable changes include:

  • Electronic bank statements may be submitted for all bank accounts.  Currently, electronic bank statements are accepted only for online bank accounts.
  • Original pay slips that are not on company letterhead / stationary will no longer need to be stamped and signed to show authenticity.  

The Tier-2 Work Permit Category is comprised both of Intra-Company Transfer Work Permits and General Work Permits.  Both categories will see changes:

  • Any Intra-Company Transfer work permit holder who wishes to extend his or her stay in the UK beyond three (3) years will be exempt from the English language requirement.  The language requirement exemption currently applies only to those Intra-Company Transfer work permit holders who earn at least £152,100.
  • General work permit holders will be able to own more than 10 percent of shares in their sponsor’s company.  Currently, a work permit holder who earns at least £152,100 is not allowed to own more than 10 percent of such shares.

The changes will also allow for more flexibility for UK Business Visitors.  For any visitor engaged in internal audits within the UK, beginning 1 October 2013 they will be allowed to perform audits in the UK as business visitors without the need to first obtain an Intra-Company Transfer work permit.  Business Visitors will also be allowed to receive employment-related training in the UK even if training is received from a source unrelated with the business visitor’s foreign employer.