October 31, 2005

The Department of Naturalization and Residence in Abu Dhabi will soon launch a new service whereby members of the public can apply for visas online.

Members of the public will soon be able to apply for visas via Internet directly from their homes or typing offices. Applications will then be verified and processed online prior to issue of visas upon payment of fees electronically.

Expatriate doctors, engineers, lawyers and technicians are entitled to obtain the newly introduced Mission Entry Visa.

Under the decision issued by the Minister of Interior, the visa will be issued to those who come for temporary jobs with the permission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is issued for three months for a fee of Dh600 and can be renewed only once for another three months for an additional fee of Dh1,200, also with the permission of the labor ministry.

The decision also entitles these professionals as well as businessmen, company managers, representatives and sales managers, auditors and representatives of companies who visit the country for business to obtain Mission Entry Visas for 14 days.