As our readers will know, the UK government is planning to significantly reduce non-EU migration into the United Kingdom and is currently undergoing a consultation process to determine how the proposed limits should work in practice and the levels at which they should be set.  Pro-Link GLOBAL’s Global Briefs on this matter can be accessed here and here.

The first part of this consultation process is being run by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), the UK Home Office appointed independent body.  The deadline for responses to the MAC is tomorrow, 7 September.  Pro-Link GLOBAL has been pleased to assist our clients with their responses and reminds any interested organisation who has not yet responded to do so as a matter of urgency.  The MAC consultation response form can be accessed here.

Note that the UK Border Agnecy (UKBA) is running a separate consultation on the same topic, for which responses must be received by 17 September.   Again, Pro-Link is happy to assist with responses if required.