October 28, 2013

As of December 9, 2013 the Tax Office in The Netherlands will stop issuing SOFI numbers. Up to November 26, 2007 the SOFI number was the social security and fiscal number issued to all Dutch citizens and foreign residents in the Netherlands. The SOFI number would be issued to babies born in The Netherlands by the Tax Office upon registration of birth; immigrants needed to apply for it at the Tax Office after their arrival in The Netherlands.

On November 26, 2007 the SOFI number changed into a Burger Service Number (BSN), which is not only used as fiscal number, but more generally used as national identification number. Instead of being issued by the Tax Office the BSN is issued by Town Hall, either at time of registration of birth for babies born in the Netherlands, or at time of first Town Hall registration for immigrants. However, for immigrants with no fixed address (initially) after their arrival in The Netherlands to register on, it was still possible to apply for the SOFI number through the Tax Office.  This alternative way of obtaining the identification number will no longer be available from December 9, 2013.