January 1, 2010 

Each year, the Schweizerischer Bundesratil or Swiss Federal Council which is is the seven-member executive council which constitutes the federal government of Switzerland, fixes work permit quotas for the following year.

The quotas are administered by cantonal and federal authorities.

For 2010, the SFC has just issued a quota for the number of non-EU/EFTA nationals who may enter Switzerland to take up employment.

That number is 2,000 for a B Permit , which is the permit used for long term assignments.

It is exactly half the quota that was permitted in 2009, which means that employers will need to plan ahead for any Swiss Transfers in 2010.

The SFC ( Swiss Federal Council) should re-assess the quota numbers in June 2010 and may increase them for the second half of 2010.

There is good news.

Work permit quotas apply only to first-time applicants seeking to take up employment in Switzerland, and

Work permit quotas apply only to those seeking to change an L-Permit into a B-Permit, and

Work permit extensions are not subject to the quotas, and

The 120 day work permit for a Non-EU/EFTA national workers is not subject to a quota( but are subject to other restrictions).

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