July 13, 2012

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) in Stockholm now requires an appointment to be booked prior to submitting biometrics for all visa-exempt foreign nationals applying for residence permits in Sweden. Other, local Migration Boards may still permit first-come, first-serve biometric registration.

What’s Changed?

Since the May 20th introduction of a biometric residence permits, the Migration Board has permitted visa-exempt nationals the ability to submit biometrics (i.e., fingerprints and digital photos) on a first-come, first-served basis.

The appointment can be requested via email using an applicant’s residence permit approval letter # and the applicant’s cell phone number. Appointment confirmations may be sent via SMS/Text message.

Once biometrics are completed, the residence permit (a biometric card) will be issued within one to two weeks.

General Guidelines for Residence Permit Registration

Once the Migration Board approves an assignee’s work permit application, an electronic work authorization is issued, permitting the assignee and accompanying family members to proceed with registration for their residence permits.

Under Swedish immigration law, there are two options for submitting biometrics:

  1. Via a Swedish consular post in the applicant’s home country (for visa-exempt and visa nationals) – Depending on the consular post, biometrics may be submitted before or after a work permit application approval. Once biometrics are transmitted to the Migration Board, a residence permit card is issued within three to six weeks. The assignee and family are then allowed to enter Sweden by presenting their respective residence permit cards.
  2. Post-arrival in Sweden (visa-exempt nationals only) – Once a work application is approved, visa-exempt nationals may enter under the work authorization approval number. Biometric appointments must be in advance with the Migration Board in Stockholm, however other locations may offer assistance on the first-come, first-serve basis. Biometrics are to be submitted within two weeks of arrival. Once approved, a residence permit card will be issued within one week and mailed to the assignee’s Swedish residential address.


The Migration Board offices are open to working with assignees and their family members to obtain work/residence authorizations as quickly as possible.

However, given the popularity of the faster in-country processing option, qualified visa-exempt nationals entering Sweden should work with their company’s Swedish HR and Swedish immigration supplier to ensure appropriate authorization is available for their entry and to assist in securing next-available biometrics appointments.

Companies and assignees should note that in order to process in-country, an assignee and family members must have secured accommodation in Sweden in order for the cards to be mailed. In addition, assignees should also note that a residence permit will be required to complete mandatory tax registration in Sweden.

Glenn Faulk, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management, has written this alert.

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