The Korea Times reported this week that South Korea’s police and immigration authorities are planning a joint crackdown on illegal immigration, particularly where corporations are concerned.

The government wants to slash numbers of illegal aliens before it chairs 2010’s G-20 summit in November, and is launching an incentive program whereby foreign workers who have overstayed can leave the country with no penalty and no “black mark” on their immigration history. Employers who admit to illegal workers will also be absolved from fines during the incentive program, which runs from May 6 to September 31.

Ministry of Justice official Yoon Jong-Seok is reported as saying: “We are giving incentives to those who come clean about their wrongdoings. However, there will be no mercy once they are caught ― more penalties will be given.”

Both the incentive program and the planned crackdown target South Korea’s unskilled labor force, but of course, all employers should ensure that their foreign expatriate workers hold the correct immigration documents and work authorization. Contact your Pro-Link GLOBAL immigration specialist for advice on South Korean immigration or visit our South Korea country profile here for more information.