February 11, 2015

The Department of Home Affairs has issued a new immigration directive that positively changes the course for multinational corporations wishing to send foreign nationals to South Africa.

The highlights of the new directive are:

• Intra Company Transfer (ICT) work visa holders who obtained a visa with 2-year validity under the pre-May 2014 law are now permitted to extend their stay in-country for another 2 years.
• The application for a new 2-year ICT visa can be filed through the relevant VFS office in South Africa.
• For assignments that may need to be extended beyond this total of 4 years, a new ICT visa with a 4 year validity can be obtained. For these types of applications, the employee and accompanying family members will need to file their new visa applications through the South African mission in their home country. This new visa validity option means that a multinational company can now consider a very long-term assignment of up to 8 years in South Africa.