The Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Saudi Arabia offers electronic immigration (e-Immigration) services to Saudi nationals and expatriates via MOI’s online portal. The ministry website enables a user to request certain services electronically without having to personally appearing before the local migration authorities.  Top services on the website include applications for exit and reentry visa, final exit visa and queries regarding validity of public health insurance and residency permit status.

 In order to access the portal, a user must first register for an account using his or her Saudi ID#, which is either a Saudi national ID# or an Iqama (residence permit) ID#.

 In addition, two Saudi international airports, King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh and King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, recently introduced a new “e-Gate” system.

 This electronic system allows foreigners who hold activated e-Gate cards to complete their passport control on arrival and departure formalities more efficiently and without need to wait in a queue to have their immigration documents stamped. An e-Gate card contains a holder’s biometric information that will be captured by immigration control upon each entry and departure.

 Foreign nationals can apply for a card at the two airports free of charge. Once collected, the passengers can personally activate their card at the airport’s e-Gate. The passenger will be asked to submit a fingerprint scan at the gate, ID # (Saudi passport or Iqama) and the airline boarding pass in order to complete the registration.  Please note that e-Gate card holders must depart and re-enter Saudi Arabia with their valid passport.  

 The e-Gate system is designed to streamline registration of arrivals and departures and to increase border control measures.  However, please be advised that Saudi border officers reserve the right to secondarily inspect any e-Gate card holder departing or re-entering Saudi Arabia.