On June 25th, I fell in love with a little pug named Peepers and I knew he would break my heart, but I loved him anyway…

I volunteer with the dog rescue group S.N.O.R.T [Short Nosed Only Rescue Team] and on June 28th took in my first foster through them, a fawn colored 3 year old pug named Peepers.  My role as a foster parent to Peepers was to show him a life of love and security, and prepare him for his forever home.  Many dogs that come through rescue groups, have never known real love and though not all are neglected that come in, they are all in a state of transition and can be very hesitant to bond with their foster family. This however was not the case with Peepers. He immediately settled right in and became a wonderful playmate for our 18 month old son.

In only 5 weeks, he went from surrendered pug to adopted!!! Through S.N.O.R.T, the Foster parents have the final say in the chosen adoptive family. This allows the foster parents to feel extremely connected to the organization and invested in the dog’s future.  I looked through applications and selected the top three. Then the adoption coordinator interviewed them and I selected one as my top choice and then I got to speak to them.

On Saturday, July 26th, Peepers forever family came to Annapolis and met their newest family member. He joins a physician, her husband who works from home, a 10 year old child and two pug siblings.  We were thrilled!!  It was with mixed emotions though as the bond we had created was so special. I cried as he rode off. Though they were tears of joy, they were also because I knew how empty our house would feel with him gone. How incredibly special our time was with him and how amazing that I got to be an instrumental part of making the rest of his life 180 degrees different than the first part.

Just yesterday we received a thank you gift from his adoptive family thanking us for taking him in and helping them find him.  I am so proud to be a part of this organization.  This kind of work fills my soul and that makes me a better person and employee for PLG.  Being rewarded with a day off for this work is just icing on the cake. I don’t do it for the days off, I do it because it is the right thing to do.