January 23, 2012

On December 28, 2011 Russian authorities confirmed the number of work permits which may be issued to companies intending to hire foreign employees in 2012.  As in previous years, a number of job positions are to be exempt from the quota requirement in 2012.

Annual Work Permit Quota Allocation

For 2012, a total of 1,745,584 work permits has been initially allocated on a regional basis. Regional labor authorities have distributed their regional allocation amongst those Russian companies who submitted their quota forecasts by May 1, 2011. Company-specific quotas are further broken down into the number of permits which may be granted for specific job positions per company.

In addition to establishing work permit quotas, the Ministry of Health and Social Development (MHSD) has published an unofficial draft which suggests 41 positions to be quota exempt:

  1. Circus artist
  2. General director of a joint stock company
  3. General director of an association
  4. General director of an enterprise
  5. General director of a general directorate
  6. General director of an inter-sectoral science and technology complex
  7. General director of an industrial association
  8. Chief project engineer
  9. Chief industrial engineer
  10. Director of a department
  11. Director (manager) of a branch office
  12. Plant director
  13. Director in economics
  14. Director of a representative office
  15. Factory director
  16. Director (head, commissioner) of a directorate
  17. Director (head, managing director) of an enterprise
  18. Director of a firm
  19. Director of a joint stock company
  20. Director of an association
  21. Deputy chairman of a Board
  22. Sound engineer
  23. Engineer for data protection
  24. Engineer for automation and mechanization of production processes
  25. Process engineer
  26. Engineer for computer-aided manufacturing
  27. Engineer for automated process control system
  28. Engineer for the introduction of new technology
  29. Quality Engineer
  30. Engineer for commissioning and testing
  31. Engineer for Production Management
  32. Engineer for preparation of production
  33. Engineer for welding
  34. Design engineer
  35. Electrical engineer
  36. Ringmaster (presenter)
  37. President of the association (concern, corporation, socio-economic organization)
  38. Chairman of a board
  39. Drilling technician
  40. Commissioning and testing technician
  41. Technician


Employers may check quotas assigned to them on the website of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, and accordingly they may start submitting work permit applications on behalf of their foreign employees.

While final quota-exempt positions have yet to be confirmed, Russian companies may consider reviewing the list of proposed titles to identity foreign national candidates that would qualify for these positions as a strategy to commence sponsorship immediately once the final list is announced.  Pro-Link GLOBAL will advise further once the MHSD announces the list of quota-exempt positions.

This news alert was provided in coordination with our KGNM, Move One.

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