As of July 1, 2011, Decree #9 issued by the Chief State Sanitation Officer in Moscow requires that all foreign nationals applying for work permits sponsored under a Russian host company’s annual work permit quota (i.e., a “quota worker”) must undergo testing for HIV by an official state clinic as part of the overall medical clearance examination. 

Subsequent to approval of an assignee’s personal work permit application and after entering Russia with a single-entry visa, quota workers are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination in Russia to extend his or her visa status.  Please note that the accompanying family members of quota workers, and foreign nationals applying in the “Highly-Qualified Specialist” category, are exempt from medical examination requirements within Russia. 

However, HIV tests results may be required as part of the initial entry visa application by Russian consular posts in certain countries.  Visa applicants should confirm with their local Russian consular post the age requirement for HIV testing and the validity period of the test results (e.g., for Russian consular posts in the U.S., HIV results are required of all work/residence applicants age 6 months and older and test results are valid for only 90 days.)

The Federal Immigration Department in Moscow has confirmed that medical testing for leprosy, tuberculosis, syphilis, chlamydia, chancroids and drug testing can continue to be performed in commercial medical clinics. However, the new decree specifically requires that all HIV-medical certificates be issued only by state or municipal medical institutions.

Clients are urged to check with their PLG immigration consultant to confirm the qualified medical facilities and the appropriate medical clearance protocols in the assignee’s host city/region in Russia.