September 9, 2005

The new rule which was enacted this week affects people traveling to Russia, specifically the Moscow area on multiple entry business visas. The rule requires that Russian authorities place a registration stamp only on the business visitors new Migration cards upon each re-entry into Russia.

Previously, business travelers making frequent trips to Russia on commercial visas received registration stamps on both their Migration cards and their national passports, thus not requiring a new registration on each re-entry.

The frustration for business visitors who are traveling in and out of Moscow frequently is that each time they leave Russia, they are required to turn in their Migration Cards which would have had the registration stamp on them from their previous entry while keeping their national passports with them which would also have had the sticker on it.

In addition to the exclusion of the passport as a place for the sticker, the business visitor is also required to send in a letter from their landlord/ hotel, their national passport and their new Migration card to the Passport and Visa Dept. in order to obtain this re-registration. The Visa Dept in a recent memorandum, advised that re-registration will only take a day, while new registrations can take weeks to process.

Please note that this new rule does not apply to Germans or expatriates on work visas.