The Russian Federal Migration Service has announced, via the slightly unorthodox method of a small notice pinned up in the lobby, that, effective immediately, all applications for Highly Skilled Workers (both work permit and visa invitation letter applications) must be submitted by post. Highly Skilled Worker applications are available for foreign nationals who are paid at least 2 million rubles (approximately $65,000USD or €53,000EUR) a year, in Russia, and whose Russian employers are prepared to meet certain reporting requirements.

The news that applications must be submitted by post is a concern as it may have a negative impact on processing time – being able to walk an application in to the Federal Migration Service had provided a measure of reassurance that the application had been submitted to the correct person in the correct department. Pro-Link GLOBAL continues to monitor the situation and will keep our clients informed.

RUSSIA REMINDER: Applications for labor forecasts (quota positions) for 2012 may now be submitted, and must be submitted in all cases before 1 May 2011. Contact Pro-Link GLOBAL today for assistance.