December 27, 2012

On November 30, 2012, The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation approved Decree # 567 that sets the total number of work permits issued under regional quotas beginning December 31, 2012. In addition, the list of 59 non-quota positions suggested by the Ministry of Health and Social Development has been officially published and will come into force on January 6, 2013. After January 9, 2013, Russian companies may apply for non-quota work permits. At this time, the Decree on quota distribution for specific company work permits has not yet been officially published.

What’s Changed?

Compared to 2012, the new list reduces the total national number of quota work permits from 460,510 to 410,126. Out of this total number, 21,445 permits will be available in Moscow and 27,337 in Saint Petersburg.

Conversely, this year’s list of non-quota work permit positions is extended by 18 new positions as follows:

  1. Circus performer
  2. Ballet performer
  3. Ballet performer (principal)
  4. Artist-musician (opera and chamber)
  5. Artist-musician (principal)
  6. Actor
  7. Orchestra performer
  8. Symphony (chamber) orchestra performer
  9. Deputy production-director
  10. Deputy art-director
  11. Ballet master
  12. General director of a joint stock company
  13. General director of a joint enterprise
  14. General director of an enterprise
  15. General director of general directorship
  16. General director of an inter-industry scientific venture
  17. General director of a production facility
  18. Senior principal engineer of a project
  19. Senior principal engineer (in industry)
  20. Director of the department
  21. Director (head) of a branch office
  22. Director of a plant
  23. Director of economic affairs
  24. Head of the Representative office
  25. Director of a factory
  26. Director (head, representative) of directorship
  27. Director (head, executive) of an enterprise
  28. Director of a firm
  29. Director of a joint stock company
  30. Director of a joint enterprise
  31. Band Director
  32. Deputy Chairman of the Board
  33. Sound engineer
  34. Sound supervisor
  35. IT security engineer
  36. Engineer of automation and mechanization of production procedures
  37. Industrial engineer
  38. Engineer for production control system
  39. Engineer for automatic process control system
  40. Engineer for realization of new technology
  41. Quality engineer
  42. Setting and testing engineer
  43. Engineer for production management and control
  44. Pre-production engineer
  45. Engineer-welder
  46. Design-engineer
  47. Electrical engineer
  48. Ringmaster
  49. Stunt coordinator
  50. President of a consortium (consolidated group, corporation, etc.) (socio-economic entity)
  51. Chairman of the Board
  52. Stage manager
  53. Production director
  54. Ballet coach
  55. Drilling technician
  56. Setting and testing technician
  57. Technician
  58. Choreograph
  59. Art director

Work permits for Highly-Skilled Workers (HSW) are also quota exempt, however companies should keep in mind that, in order to obtain HSW work permits, additional salary criteria must be met (

In order to obtain a 2013 quota work permit, Russian companies must follow the work permit quota allocated to them in 2012. In case a company failed to apply for the necessary amount of quota places, a quota correction application may still be submitted.


Russian companies that submitted their 2013 foreign labor forecasts in May 2012 may submit their quota work permit applications on or after December 31, 2012.

For 2014, Russian companies may wish to begin reviewing their quota work permit allotments, inclusive of work permit renewals, granted for 2013 and take this information into account for submitting their 2014 labor forecast declarations.

Russian companies that wish to prepare their 2014 foreign labor forecasts for quota work permits must submit their forecasts no later than May 1, 2013. However, it is ideal that companies submit their forecasts to the local Ministry of Labor on or around late March/early April to avoid any unforeseen delays in filing prior to May 1st.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

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