April 13, 2012

The Romanian Immigration Office has indicated that by April 30, 2011, it may introduce internal and unannounced new nostrification requirements that will affect non-European Union (non-EU) foreign nationals applying for Romanian work permits.

What’s Changed?

When granting work permits, the basic premise for “nostrification” is a credentialing process used by a country’s labor/migration authority to determine the academic equivalence of a foreign educational qualification.

Presently, the Romanian Immigration Office will accept a legalized diploma to nostrify an applicant’s educational background is relevant to the proposed job in Romania.  By April 30th, it is anticipated that non-EU nationals will also be required to submit their diploma transcripts for attestation by the Ministry of Education.  At this time, it is not yet confirmed if transcripts must also be legalized by a Romanian consular post.

In addition to submitting diplomas and transcripts, the Ministry of Education may also request work permit applicants to submit additional education certifications in order to proceed with nostrification of a foreign degree.


To apply for work permits, all foreign diplomas must be legalized for use in Romania and must be recognized, or “nostrified”, by the appropriate Romanian authorities.   As additional nostrification requirements may be formally or informally introduced by the end of April, companies should be prepared that diploma recognition might be a lengthy process (i.e., upwards of 30 days or more) and appropriate time must be anticipated for its completion.

As Romanian immigration law has different academic and professional history requirements for various work permit categories, the Ministry of Education and/or the Immigration Office will have wide discretion in requesting additional support documentation.

It is recommended when considering Romanian assignments that companies work closely with their immigration supplier to understand the current nostrification requirements and the anticipated timing expectations to receive approval of a work permit.

This news alert was provided in coordination with our Romanian KGNM–Move One.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

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