September 07, 2011

Katharine Salem (Practice, Manager) and Glenn Faulk (Manager, Knowledge Management) of Pro-Link GLOBAL will be featured in upcoming issues of Global Mobility Magazine and ExpatSafe Journal.

Emerging Trends: “Best & Brightest” Schemes Impact Expat Recruitment and Immigration Compliance,” will be featured in the October issue of Global Mobility Magazine.  In this article, Glenn Faulk and Katharine Salem pull back the curtain on how countries, not companies, are sweetening the deal to lure these highly-specialized workers to enhance their country’s economy while placing the onus of immigration compliance squarely on the host company, and what this means for HR and Global Mobility professionals.

“RUSSIA | Adapting its Immigration Laws to Integrate Skilled Migrants,” has been featured on page 26, in the most recent issue of ExpatSafe JournalIn this article, Katharine Salem and Glenn Faulk provide a general overview of how Pro-Link GLOBAL is working with one of its U.S. clients to quickly mobilize several key overseas personnel under the recently-announced Highly-Qualified Professional (HQP) worker category, and the key areas that any company should note when considering sending overseas assignees under this new talent scheme.