Happy New Year PLG!  Today in the USA is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a non-violent civil rights activist who fought for equal rights for all Americans.  He was killed standing up for the rights of others and died as a pillar of American history.

“If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those previous values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we move into 2013 it is important that we look back at 2012 to see where we were, what we did and how can we exceed our goals for 2013.

PLG is proud to announce that during 2012, we made donations to two great organizations.  One organization, Joshua David Chapnick Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Fund aka joshprovides.org, provides support in the areas of transportation assistance, seizure detection dogs, seizure detection dogs, seizure head guards, movement monitors and prescription medication and grants to Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida and Suncoast Epilepsy Association.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy that obliterated New Jersey and New York, PLG made a donation to the American Red Cross. This particular donation was very close to our hearts as PLG has several employees on the East Coast that were affected by the hurricane. Cheyenne spent a week without power and another week without heat.  Alan went 18 days without power and another 22 without internet.  New Jersey and New York are still reeling from the effects of the storm and it will be years before everything is back to normal.  The American Red Cross believes they will be offering assistance in the area on a long term basis.

In 2012 PLGers spent 696 hours giving back to their local communities.  This is an outstanding effort by all.  Each quarter we saw more and more participants finding local non-profit organizations that they could help.  In the 1st quarter, PLG worked 112 man hours, in the 2nd quarter PLG worked 104 man hours, in the 3rd quarter PLG worked 168 man hours and in the 4th quarter PLG worked a whopping 312 man hours.

How awesome is it that we all work for an employer who encourages us to give back to our communities by paying us to go help?  Time is money when you are out of the office.  To give you an idea of how valuable all of our time is let’s say, for example, that we all make $10 dollars an hour.  If we worked 696 hours at $10 an hour then PLG has paid us $6,960.00 to serve our communities.  What an outstanding thing for a company to do!

Maybe you’re asking yourself “so who benefited from all of these man hours, who did we help?”  Well, we helped quite a few organizations, 27 to be exact.

The organizations that benefited from our hard work are:

  • National Wildlife Refuge  
  • Habitat for Humanity (Bradenton, St. Louis & Toronto)
  • Southeastern Guide Dogs
  • American Heart Association
  • Feeding America
  • PACE
  • All Children’s Hospital, Miracle Network
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Humane Society
  • Off the Mat into the World
  • Oxfam Wereldwinkels
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Adopt an Angel (pet adoption)
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Child’s day (Brazil)
  • Feeding Children Everywhere
  • Manatee Art Center
  • Learn2Read
  • St. John the Compassionate Mission
  • Gay for Good (beach cleanup)
  • Austin Blues Society
  • Comfort Zone
  • Pop Warner
  • Shanghai Philanthropy Association
  • Safe Children Coalition
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  • NOE/BNE (A member of FEFAF: European Federation of Parents and Carers at Home)

PLG is so proud of our efforts and we hope that 2013 will be even better.  Let’s see if we can surpass what was done in 2012 and aim for a goal of 800 man hours!  If we break that down into small attainable goals, that is 200 hours per quarter.  If 25 PLG EE’s make a commitment to complete their philanthropy each quarter we will meet our goal for 2013.

As a reminder, Quarter 1 is January, February, and March.  Quarter 2 is April, May and June.  Quarter 3 is July, August and September.  Quarter 4 is October, November and December.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margret Mead

Report on PLG Spirit: 

Fat 2 Fit Challenge:  PLGers participated in our 1st Fat 2Fit challenge.  Divided into 5 groups, we all encouraged each other to move a little more in order to improve our general health and well-being.  Group 4 which consisted of Aniko, Bodil, Debra, Emily Z., Paul and Nelli, were the winners of this challenge and member of this group received an exercise ball.

Thanks everyone for participating!! 

Birthday Cards:  The SPRT and PHL Chairperson designed a PLG inspired birthday card and starting sending out birthday cards in November…just to spread good cheer and remind all PLGers that you are thought of in a special way.