• Pro-Link GLOBAL

16 September 2016

Bradenton, FL USA

Pro-Link GLOBALPro-Link GLOBAL is thrilled to be shortlisted for two major awards in The EMEA Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs). The company is honored to be considered for Immigration Provider of the Year and is proud to announce that Junior Global Immigration Counsel, Daniel Morris, has been shortlisted for Global Mobility Rising Star of the Year.

The awards are organized by the Forum for Expatriate Management and recognize outstanding achievements in the global mobility industry. This is the third time the Pro-Link GLOBAL has been shortlisted for an EMMA in 2016 after being finalists in both The Americas and APAC region earlier this year. This is Daniel Morris’ first nomination for the EMMAs.

Pro-Link GLOBAL’s award entry was full of examples from complex client cases in Switzerland, Russia, Kenya and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The EMEA region provides a wide range of challenges: from a focus on immigration compliance, document authentication and skills assessments in Europe; to the effects of gender bias and religious restrictions, as well as corporate free zones and stringent protection of local labor markets in the Middle East; to the significant but understandable disconnect between local and federal authorities found in many developing African nations. The case studies exhibited the various obstacles that Pro-Link GLOBAL’s teams overcame to provide positive results to assignees and Global Mobility Teams alike within the region.

Dan Morris, Global Mobility Rising Star of the YearDaniel Morris holds qualifying law degrees from both the United States (J.D.) and the United Kingdom (LL.B.). His award entry was highlighted by compelling case studies in complex locations throughout the EMEA region including Saudi Arabia, Ireland, South Africa, Oman and the UAE. “It’s been an incredible rollercoaster as each day challenges me to my core” said Morris. “When you get an immigration approval in a place like Saudi Arabia, one can’t help but shut the office door and dance like nobody is watching.” These important case examples and Daniel’s dedication to philanthropy through his pro bono legal services to low-income, indigent clients demonstrated his industry expertise, creative problem-solving abilities, and compassion for his clients and their employees.

“This third EMMA shortlist means so much to all of us. Our employees are incredibly dedicated and passionate about immigration. Daniel is a tremendous lawyer who provides our clients with timely and innovative solutions. It’s been an honor to mentor him and watch his rapid growth over the last 20 months” said Andrea Elliott, CEO. “He is a critical part of our team and we couldn’t be more proud of him.”

The EMEA EMMA winners will be announced at FEM’s Gala Dinner at the O2 Intercontinental in London on 11 November.

About Pro-Link GLOBAL:

Pro-Link GLOBAL provides their clients with a comprehensive immigration program: best-in-class visa and immigration services, customized direction and guidance on difficult and new locations, complementary immigration updates covering the latest immigration changes around the world, and client-specific consultations for any sized project. All of these services are backed by integrated technology and reporting capabilities that allow their clients to operate their global mobility program with ease.

The Pro-Link GLOBAL experience is one of expert knowledge, customized immigration strategy, and steadfast partnership.

About The Forum for Expatriate Management:

The Forum for Expatriate Management was founded in October 2008 by Brian Friedman to address the myriad issues facing international assignees and their families moving from one location to another. FEM provides an online community of International Human Resource and Global Mobility professionals that is inclusive in nature and open to both in-house and service provider professionals alike.