FEM_EMMAS_APAC_2016_Button13 July 2016

Bradenton, FL USA

Pro-Link GLOBAL is thrilled to be shortlisted for Immigration Provider of the Year in The APAC Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (The EMMAs). This is the company’s second EMMA shortlist of 2016 after being shortlisted in The Americas region earlier this year. The awards are organized by the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) and recognize outstanding achievements in the global mobility industry.

Pro-Link GLOBAL’s award entry was full of real-life client case examples from China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Immigration procedures and regulations in these Asia-Pacific countries change regularly and can be lengthy and cumbersome. The case studies exhibited the various obstacles that Pro-Link GLOBAL’s teams overcame to provide positive results to assignees and Global Mobility Teams alike. The company showcased how they continually provide their clients timely solutions, integrated technology, and industry education to manage their global mobility programs successfully and enhance overall employee experience.

“This APAC EMMA shortlist is evidence that Pro-Link GLOBAL is a dominant force in the global immigration industry worldwide. We are very proud of our APAC team and all of their accomplishments” said Andrea Elliott, CEO. “We work hard every day to be the world’s leading global immigration provider.”

The APAC EMMA winners will be announced at FEM’s Gala Dinner at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore on 8 September.

About Pro-Link GLOBAL:

Pro-Link GLOBAL provides their clients with a comprehensive immigration program: best-in-class visa and immigration services, customized direction and guidance on difficult and new locations, complementary immigration updates covering the latest immigration changes around the world, and client-specific consultations for any sized project. All of these services are backed by integrated technology and reporting capabilities that allow their clients to operate their global mobility program with ease.

The Pro-Link GLOBAL experience is one of expert knowledge, customized immigration strategy, and steadfast partnership.

About The Forum for Expatriate Management:

The Forum for Expatriate Management was founded in October 2008 by Brian Friedman to address the myriad issues facing international assignees and their families moving from one location to another. FEM provides an online community of International Human Resource and Global Mobility professionals that is inclusive in nature and open to both in-house and service provider professionals alike.