3 January 2017

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pro-Link GLOBAL Dutch TeamPro-Link GLOBAL is proud to announce that their Amsterdam office is celebrating its one-year anniversary. The office is comprised of seven expert global immigration professionals who have processed over 900 cases since the office first opened on January 3, 2016. Strategically-located within the EMEA region, the office not only enlarges Pro-Link GLOBAL’s worldwide footprint but provides its multinational clients with lightning-fast service delivery of customized, country-specific process workflows; comprehensive tracking mechanisms; and best-in-class immigration case support.

Since the beginning, our Dutch team has embodied Pro-Link GLOBAL’s fundamental principles of solution-oriented client support and a true, personal understanding of both the stresses and joys of an international assignment. These guiding tenets were especially on display during a particularly complex and urgent case the new team faced earlier this year. A married couple from Russia relocated to the Netherlands in 2015 and, a full year after they had been legally working and living in Amsterdam, the employee received a letter from the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) informing him that his wife’s permit has been revoked due to a perceived non-compliance with the couple’s address registration.

The client immediately contacted Pro-Link GLOBAL’s Amsterdam office for advice and assistance. Timing was critical: not only does Dutch law provide a mere four weeks to file a written appeal of the notification, but the employee’s wife was out of the country at the time and planned to return to the Netherlands in four days. Left unresolved, she would have been banned from re-entering the Netherlands.

The Dutch team quickly sprang into action to identify the root cause of this notification from the IND and to formulate an action plan for the appeal. After a swift and thorough review of the couple’s application package from 2015, it became clear that the Municipality of Amsterdam made a mistake and did not register the employee’s wife in their system. Fortunately, many of the Dutch team had previously worked for the IND and understood how to get the fastest response and results from the department. Escalating this matter to the highest authority, the Dutch team members simultaneously prepared the written appeal to the IND and accompanied the employee to the Municipality of Amsterdam to submit their evidence of the department’s error. The Municipality authorities agreed with the findings, retroactively registered the employee’s wife from the end of 2015, and sent an official letter to the couple confirming the registration had been completed. In the meantime, the IND received the written appeal from the Dutch team and, with the system updates made by the Municipality of Amsterdam, issued a verbal indication that the outcome of the appeal would be in favor of the employee and his wife. At the time of this writing, the client is awaiting the final written verdict from the IND who has six months to release the official decision.

Throughout the entire process, the client and their employee were overjoyed with such positive results. They were astounded at Pro-Link GLOBAL’s sense of urgency, the team’s empathy with the employee and his spouse during such stressful times, and their ownership in solving this significant challenge.

Pro-Link GLOBAL Co-Founder and CEO, Andrea Elliott shared, “Our vision is to make obtaining work and residence permits a delightful experience for every transferee and dependent. Everything we do is driven by this vision and our Amsterdam location is an integral part of our business model. I couldn’t be more proud of their successes over the past year and look forward to continued growth in 2017.”

Pro-Link GLOBAL experienced a record-breaking 2016: not only did they win Immigration Team of the Year by Relocate Magazine, but they also opened offices in Australia, The Netherlands, India, and are currently expanding their world headquarters in Bradenton, Florida USA. The company is excited to continue providing industry-leading service to its clients and expanding on its success in 2017.

About Pro-Link GLOBAL: Pro-Link GLOBAL is a corporate global immigration company with its world headquarters based in Bradenton, Florida, USA and ten regional offices worldwide. The company provides their clients with a comprehensive global immigration program: best-in-class visa and immigration services, customized direction and guidance on difficult and new locations, complementary immigration updates covering the latest immigration changes around the world, and client-specific consultations for any sized project. All of these services are backed by integrated technology and reporting capabilities that allow their clients to operate their global mobility program with ease.