• Pro-Link GLOBAL Wins Global HR Excellence Award

Pro-Link GLOBAL Wins Global HR Excellence Award29 July 2016

Tampa, FL USA

Pro-Link GLOBAL is thrilled to announce that its very own Executive Director of People Success (Human Resources), Samantha Hernandez, is the winner of the Global HR Excellence Award from The Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Awards.

The awards were developed to celebrate the Human Resources industry and to recognize those in the HR profession who exemplify outstanding achievement. The Tampa Bay HR Person of the Year Awards is a joint effort between HR Shield and the Tampa Tribune.

Samantha joined Pro-Link GLOBAL in June 2014 and has made a significant impact on the company. She was invited to serve on the Executive Management Team after only being with the company for a year.

Pro-Link GLOBAL has offices in eight different countries and virtual employees located in over 15 nations spanning from the U.S. to EMEA and APAC regions. Samantha enjoys working with such a diverse group of employees, “Learning about their countries labor laws and how to pull all the differences together to create a company culture that welcomes everyone are some of the most rewarding projects in global HR.”

Samantha shares that empathy is critical to success in global HR, “People all have different needs, wants and dreams. We all communicate those needs in different ways. When you add in cultural, language and time zone differences it amplifies the role of the HR Professional to be empathic and truly understand how the employee’s needs can best meet the organization’s needs.”

The judges assessed each nominee’s impact on an organization, education, experience and community philanthropic efforts. Samantha’s entry was full of volunteer hours with local non-profits on management training, resume writing, and interview coaching. Pro-Link GLOBAL is dedicated to philanthropy and provides employees with a paid day to volunteer on a quarterly basis for a charity of their choice.

Samantha attended the awards ceremony the evening of July 28 in Tampa with her husband. She values her family and credits them as key motivators, “When I think back to growing up and rarely seeing women in business, I feel so blessed that my daughters are seeing me travel internationally and have an impact on our company. They will know that the business world is open to them as well. Working for a woman-owned business is also a great motivator. Our founders really understand that family is the most important thing.”

About Pro-Link GLOBAL:

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