July 09, 2012

The Dutch Immigration Service (IND) will not implement a July 1st bar disallowing non-European Union (EU) unmarried partners from obtaining Dutch residence permits. Therefore, qualified, unmarried partners will continue to be eligible to apply for Dutch residence permits until further notice.

What’s Changed?

Per our earlier alert, effective July 1, 2012, nationals of non-European Union (non-EU) countries who are unmarried partners will be eligible for family reunification.

According to a recent announcement posted on the Dutch Europa news service, the EU’s guidelines for family reunification of immigrants from non-EU countries will, for the time being, not be revised. As announced in April 2012, the Netherlands fought hard recently to modify the current guideline for family reunification, but this revision has not received much support from within the EU.

Cecilia Malmstrøm, EU Commissioner of Internal Affairs, advised the possibility of forming an expert group to prepare a comparison of family-based immigration issues to review the problems and solutions all EU-member states may be experiencing with family-based migration. Mrs. Malmstrøm has indicated that those findings will be taken into account in the interpretation and execution of the EU’s current guidelines for family-based migration.


Given this reprieve, companies considering assignees with non-traditional accompanying family members should carefully review their assignee’s family situation with their Dutch immigration supplier to ensure any accompanying, unmarried partner will qualify for residence status according to current Dutch immigration regulations.

Glenn Faulk, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management, has written this alert in coordination with our Dutch KGNM, Personal Relocation B.V.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

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