This Saturday, May 12th, is the 20th Anniversary of the NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.  This is a great event that everyone can participate in if you are located in the USA!  Simply leave non-perishable food by your mail box and the mailman will collect the food when he delivers your mail.  All of the food goes to fill the local food banks.  Please don’t clear out your cupboard and donate expired food as the food pantry has to throw it away and can’t use the food.

My family and I will be stationed at the food bank this saturday to help put the food away and fill the shelves.  Even little Abigail gets to help!

I would like to update you all that Manatee county collected 75,000 pounds of food for the food pantry.  I hope all the other locations in the USA were able to collect as much food.​