November 7, 2014

The Mexican immigration authorities recently announced several minor changes to immigration requirements and qualifying criteria that affect business visitors, temporary residence applicants, and foreign students. While each individual change itself may not have major effect on assignees or sponsoring companies, the overall impact of the announcement points toward an increase in flexibility and greater immigration options for foreign nationals to work and reside in Mexico.

The primary changes are as follows:

• Lower Financial Solvency Requirements – for all applicants who will remain on their home payroll (including Visitor, Temporary Residence, and Permanent Residence applicants).

This change is two-fold: (1) the minimum monthly financial thresholds have been reduced for eligible applicants, and (2) applicants will only be required to prove that they have held sufficient funds to cover their stay for the previous three months, rather than the traditional six-month requirement.

• Extended Period to Schedule Consular Appointments – for Temporary Residence applicants who will be localized to Mexican payroll.

Applicable candidates will now be given 30 business days (rather than the previous 15 business days) from date of work permit approval to schedule their visa interview with the Mexican Consulate General adjudicating their application.

• New Temporary Residence Criteria Offered – for certain nationalities whose home countries have reciprocal international agreements with Mexico (Instrumentos Jurídicos Internacionales de Movilidad de Personas) and who may not qualify for Temporary Residence under other conditions.

The employee in question must remain on home payroll for the duration of his/her assignment.

• Dependents of Foreign Students Eligible for Temporary Residence

However, the dependents remain ineligible for Permanent Residence status regardless of whether they meet the residence minimums.