December 23, 2008

Work Permit applications must be made in December or January.

Companies who are planning to send employees on assignment to the Kyrgyz Republic are subject to the Kyrgyz Republic’s foreign labor laws and must obtain a permit by an authorized agency in charge of migration issues. The employee entering the Kyrgyz Republic temporarily for work purposes must also apply for a Work Permit.

The government is currently setting annual quotas and if application is not made in time, it is possible the quota will be full and Work Permits will no longer be available. The process for application can take 45 to 60 days.

Note that the employer contributes funds which are established by the government in order to cover an employee’s travel. Annually, national interests and the domestic labor market are taken into consideration and a quota is set for foreign travel. The authorized public agency in charge of migration issues takes into account these contributions and distributes accordingly prioritizing the vacant jobs of the nationals of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Should you have any specific questions pertaining to this matter, please reach out to your Pro-link GLOBAL Immigration Consultant as appropriate.