September 6, 2013

Ending the temporary suspension of work and residence permit processing  that began nearly six weeks ago (as reported in our July 29 blog posting), the Kenyan Immigration Department (KID) has now resumed processing all permit applications except for Special Pass applications. While no official indication has been given as to when KID will resume processing Special Pass applications, it is anticipated to be soon.

Please note that processing times are still expected to remain delayed for several weeks due to the considerable backlog of applications built during the temporary suspension period; however, reports indicate that the new Director of Immigration, Jane Waikenda, is dedicated to clearing the backlog as soon as possible. Issuance of new permits is expected to begin within the next few weeks based on the order in which applications have been received.

Overall, sources are hopeful that there will be significant improvement of services at KID in the upcoming weeks as a result of recent administrative changes and the appointment of Director Waikenda.