On Saturday, May 4, 2013 Jill participated in the Naturalization Ceremony in her County.

Jill advised that “This was a culmination of about 8 months of work with USCIS, Howard County (MD) government, and several key community partners to host a Special Naturalization Ceremony in our county – the first in over two decades!  The goal for the event was to welcome, challenge and celebrate new U.S. Citizens on the day of their swearing-in. We also hoped to raise awareness within our native-born community of the journey and sacrifices made by those who have chosen to make the US their new home.  I was very honored to serve in my capacity as President of the Board for FIRN as the lead organizer for the event.  It was a really rewarding experience for all involved and I believe that we succeeded in our efforts to “Welcome New Americans.”  Attached you will find two photos and the Media Release.  Edited recordings of the event are available on www.firnonline.org.

 As an aside, we had received a generous donation of food from Wegmans for this event.  Since we could not consume all the food donated, I took the remaining food (about 6 party platters of fresh fruit, veggies and treats) to our local homeless shelter, where it was very well-received.  When I was there dropping off the food, a young girl from the shelter saw some of the left-over balloons from the event in the back of my truck.  She asked if she could have one and I brought the whole bunch (about a dozen or so) into the shelter.  It was so wonderful to see the children’s faces light up.  This was a very special day!”