February 10, 2015

On January 14, 2015, Israel announced a slight increase to the monthly prevailing wage requirements for foreign experts employed by Israeli companies. Under the old rules, the prevailing wage was set at ILS 18,000.00 per month (or roughly USD $4,630.00) but has now been increased to ILS 18,246.00 per month (or about USD $4,700.00). Effective immediately, this increase affects Israeli companies seeking to employ foreign experts within the B-1 work visa category.

While the wage increase is merely 1% greater than that of the 2014 requirement, sponsoring Israeli companies and global mobility professionals should still take note of the change and budget accordingly. Finally, global mobility teams should make all efforts to ensure compliance with these new prevailing wage levels as the Israeli immigration authorities have increased their efforts to ensure that all foreign employees hold proper work authorization. In 2013 alone, a significant number of foreign experts were deported from Israel due to immigration non-compliance, illustrating the gravity of the consequences (which can include criminal penalties for corporate officers as well) for failure to comply with current immigration rules and regulations.