May 28, 2015

Earlier this month the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation (DJEI) Ireland has announced the introduction of a new Trusted Partner Initiative, which is aimed at streamlining the application process for selected sponsors of employment permits.

What’s Changed?

Benefits of the new Trusted Partner Initiative

Approved Trusted Partners will benefit from reduced paperwork and shorter employment permit application forms when filing an initial or renewal application for an employment permit. Because employer details and supporting documentation are filed at time of Trusted Partner registration, no such details will need to be provided anymore at time of individual employment permit applications – only details related to the employment and the foreign national will need to be provided at that time.

Key features of the Trusted Partner Registration

The application for Trusted Partner status is free of charge, and the DJEI promises a fast turnaround of only 2 working days for complete Trusted Partner registration applications. When approved, the Trusted Partner status will be valid for 2 years, and will be renewable.

Who may apply to become a Trusted Partner?

The Person making an offer of employment /employers/Connected Persons and EEA contractors may apply for Trusted Partner status. They must be registered with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners as an employer and, where applicable, the Companies Registration Office. The Trusted Partner Initiative will extend to all permit types except in the case of Contract for Services Employment Permits, where it will only facilitate EEA Contractors. It is open to companies in expansion mode, start-up companies, as well as regular users of the permits regime.


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