November 11, 2010

Latchi Delcheva and Katharine Salem both received their GMSTM designation following completion of the three required training modules preceding the ERC Global Workforce Symposium in Seattle last week. The training covered applied expatriate policy development, strategies and tactics for global workforce mobility and the intercultural challenge of doing business globally.

GMSTM has become a globally recognized designation among HR practitioners in the private and public sectors, among mobility service providers, and in the international real estate, tax and immigration field. As of August 2010, more than 2,100 professionals hold the GMSTM designation in more than 53 countries around the world.

In accordance with our mission statement, Pro-Link GLOBAL exists for the purpose of:

  1. Providing the best, high quality global visa and immigration services for a profit, and an efficient and courteous delivery whereby the customer is our most important asset.
  2. Providing a team – oriented atmosphere whereby goal setting and communications inspire.
  3. Providing excellent training and development for all our team members.
  4. Assisting local communities to improve the lives of those in need through donation of man hours and financial resources.

GMSTM helps us achieve our goals. We want to invest in our staff so that we’re ready for our clients’ future. Our employees need to know the global mobility industry from every angle, and that means gaining a thorough appreciation of the challenges our clients face. We know immigration, but we recognize that we also need to understand issues and constraints that exist in the mobility process, allowing us to become partners in solving problems, meeting challenges and delivering excellent service.

Latchi Delcheva and Katharine Salem are both Senior Immigration Specialists at Pro-Link GLOBAL.

Latchi has been working in the field of global relocation and global immigration since January 2006. Speaking four languages, she is a highly skilled Global Immigration Specialist, with a specialization in the EU countries.

Katharine has over seven years of combined U.S. and global immigration experience. Prior to joining Pro-Link GLOBAL, Katharine was the manager for the global immigration team of a leading U.S. law firm. Her broad experience in client services, managing cases for several Fortune 500 companies, and her impressive educational qualifications make her a key member of Pro-Link’s team.