February 27, 2013

According to a recent announcement by the Embassy of India in Washington, DC, a new version of an online visa application form has been implemented with the US-based Indian consular posts.

What’s Changed?

As of February 17th, 2012, a worldwide online Indian visa application, which is already being used in over 30 countries, is now being used by Indian consular posts in the US. All applications completed online on or after February 16th will be considered new applications.


Old visa applications filled out via the previous online application system will be accepted by the Indian Consulates in Houston and New York City until March 2nd.  However, the Visa Section of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC has decided to accept only new applications filed on or after February 20th. Any old applications submitted on or after February 20th will be rejected. As of last Friday, the Indian Consulate in San Francisco accepts only new applications, the old version being rejected.

Pro-Link GLOBAL is available to assist its clients in completing the new online application forms and manage the visa application process with the appropriate India Visa Acceptance Facility.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader 

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