Quality Control

Business Results Are the Sum of Your Processes

“The concept of improving results and performance on a continual basis is universally hailed as a great idea. Doing it is another matter. First off, in order to improve continuously, you have to improve initially. Sometimes it’s easy to see the flaws. Most of the time, it’s not. That’s why business results are often a mixed bag: two steps forward, one step back, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Simply stated, the goal is better, then better still.”

One of Pro-Link’s core beliefs is that to offer excellent service, one must measure and verify all aspects of the process.  Pro-Link has combined our vision for philanthropy with our need to measure our success’.  We have implemented a charitable donation of USD $5 for each completed employee survey and USD $25 for each completed client survey.  The surveys assist Pro-Link in delivering the highest level of service at all times and address areas that may need improvement when they arise. Pro-Link consistently maintains a 98% satisfaction rate amongst both clients and assignees. The organizations that Pro-Link currently donates to are:


  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • The Water Project
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • The International Rescue Committee
By focusing on leveraging our considerable IT investment in our case management system, and applying the concept that fewer defects mean less time spent on rework, by standardizing process flows, Pro-Link GLOBAL was able to quickly deliver improved time lines and efficiency of scale.
Following a statistical analysis of the survey format, it was found to be too lengthy and was not capturing measurable data. Using a “quick win” the template was amended to a new short format in a Question & Answer format allowing measurable data to be captured.
A review of specific data gathered in our surveys, revealed inconsistent delivery by certain Keiretsu Global Members our branded group of Immigration Specialists around the world. Using these results, Pro-Link GLOBAL implemented additional measures to ensure consistent service delivery and improved survey scores confirm that these measures are successful


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