Currently, certain European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) countries are introducing austerity measures that will reduce government work force and services.  As a result, unemployment remains a concern for government workers and government unions in countries such as Greece, Italy and Sweden have announced work stoppages or reduced manpower as a protest to reductions in force.  In addition to the austerity measures, the period between late July and early September are the traditional summer holiday months in many EU/EEA countries, which further reduces available government staff. 

Presently, the combination of austerity measures coupled with summer holidays may delay processing labor and immigration paperwork in some EU/EEA countries, particularly in southern European countries.  In addition, as summer tends to be a high travel period in Europe, some European country consular posts may be delayed in processing visas due to higher volume of applications and reduced consular staff.  For assignees with assignment start dates between late July and early September, clients are advised to consult with their Pro-Link GLOBAL immigration specialist to confirm current processing for specific EU/EEA destination countries.