June 19, 2013

The Government of Egypt has recently issued a new decree affecting the work permit process. All foreigners who are travelling to Egypt for work purposes will now need to obtain an additional National Security Clearance before their arrival in Egypt.

What’s Changed?

Previously a National Security Clearance application was only part of the post-arrival part of the work permit process. The immigration provider in Egypt would first apply for pre-work authorization before an employee’s arrival in Egypt, which on average would take 10 -15 working days. After receiving the pre-approval and entering Egypt, the employee would then proceed with having an HIV test taken. Upon confirmation that the employee is HIV-negative an initial work authorization would be issued for 6 months, pending the completion of the work permit process. The employee would then have 60 days from date of arrival to obtain a National Security Clearance to be able to proceed with finalization of the work permit application, upon which the final work permit, valid for an additional 6 months and therefore totaling a year, would be issued.

Under the new decree an additional National Security Clearance will need to be obtained already before the initial arrival in Egypt. This is estimated to add approximately 5 to 10 working days to the pre-arrival process, depending upon the nationality of the employee. After entering Egypt with the pre-approval the process of obtaining the work permit will still follow the old post-arrival process as described above, including the issuance of a temporary work permit for 6 months upon providing HIV-negative test results and the process of obtaining a more extensive National Security Check in order to obtain the final work permit.


Employers who wish to send employees to Egypt to work should add an additional 5 to 10 working days to the overall pre-arrival processing time, totaling 15 to 25 working days, depending on the nationality of the employee and excluding time for gathering of the required documentation.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

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