The Danish Immigration Service (DIS) has indicated that they will start charging a fee for residence and work permits.

Application fees will be charged per person. The DIS is still in the process of outlining the details of exact amounts and payment options, but they estimate that the costs will be in place for January 2011. Estimated fees for the Green Card scheme (a points based scheme for highly skilled workers) are DKK6000 (1060USD, 805EUR). Estimated fees for the Pay Limit Scheme (a scheme for corporate employees paid over a certain salary level) are in the range of DKK1600–3500 (215 – 470EUR, 282–618USD).

The fees will be based on the amount of time a case worker spends processing a given application.

Pro-Link GLOBAL, in conjunction with our KGNM correspondent office in Denmark, will be monitoring the situation and will alert our clients once new fees are determined.