January 16, 2010

Czech authorities have instituted new health insurance requirements for foreign nationals, including both short-term visitors staying in Czech Republic for 90 days or less and long-term residents. The new requirements took effect on January 1, 2010 and apply to foreign nationals seeking entry and those who already reside in Czech Republic.

What has Changed

Whereas previous to January 1, 2010, where all medical health insurance companies coverage was accepted, now, Czech authorities accept health insurance only from 21 named insurance companies. that is registered in Czech Republic and appears on a list of authorized companies maintained by the Czech National Bank.

Pro-Link GLOBAL has learned that “unofficially” the Czech foreign police are giving foreign nationals already residing in the Czech Republic, a grace period, until the end of February 28, 2010 to obtain the necessary insurance. We have verified all information with the Czech foreign police information line, and they advised that foreign police should accept the travel health insurance arranged with another insurance company, until the end of February, 2010; however the police will follow the new rule strictly from March, 2010.  

What can Happen 

Practically speaking, this means that the Czech Foreign Police, may reject health insurance policies through insurance carriers not on their approved named list. Therefore it is advisable to arrange new health insurance for all foreign national employees impacted by this new regulation. Please reach out to your Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Professional to obtain a list of the A list of approved insurance companies, provided by the Czech Foreign Ministry.

Please remember, the decision to acceptance an insurance policy or carrier not on the list, between now and the end of February 2010, is solely at the discretion of the foreign police.

Who is Affected

This change applies only to non-EU citizens who intend to stay in the CZ, for a period longer than 90 days.

A Non-EU citizen who will be:

  1. Collecting their Long Term Visa at the Czech Consulate, and
  2. At their Long Term Visa Registration in country following arrival, and
  3. When filing for a Long Term Visa Extension in country, and
  4. If subjected to a residence check by the Czech Police or authorities.

Direct Impact for your Czech Republic based foreign employees:

We recommend to arrange health insurance in accordance with this new regulation for all non-EU citizens who do not have a Czech working contract, and health insurance arranged with a CZ insurance company. The insurance policy must provide sufficient coverage to cover the cost of treating an injury or sudden illness.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader 

This is provided as informational only and does not substitute for actual legal advice based on the specific circumstances of a matter. Readers are reminded that Immigration laws are fluid and can change a moment’s notice without any warning. Please reach out to your local Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Proefessional should you require any additional clarification.

Pro-Link GLOBAL worked with PLG | KGNM Czech Republic to provide this Global BRIEF alert to you.