March 26, 2012

The Croatian Government has published its 2012 annual quota for new work permits, limits for renewing existing work permits and exemption of “key personnel” from annual work permit quotas.

The Annual Quota

Croatia’s Ministry of Interior places an annual limit on new work permits allocated amongst various industry sectors as follows:

Industry                               # of New Work Permits Available in 2012

Construction                       4

Boat building                       614

Tourism                                145

Culture                                 53

Traffic                                    49

Health                                   25

Science and education   64

Processing                          34

“Key Personnel”

Pursuant to the Croatian Parliament’s January 2012 enactment of a new Foreigner’s Act, those foreigners who qualify as ‘’key personnel’’ are exempt from the above limits and may receive work authorizations outside of the quota system.  The new Foreigner’s Act clarifies the definition of key personnel as highly-skilled foreign workers possessing relevant academic and professional qualifications.  Please note that the interpretation of key personnel is still largely decided at the discretion of the immigration authority.

Limited Work Permit Renewals

Ability to extend work permits in calendar year 2012 will be limited to 3,000 renewals. This is approximately 2,000 less than the number of renewals allowed in 2011.


As an alternative to assigning expatriates under the limits of annual work permit quotas, companies considering assignments to Croatia are encouraged to identify highly-skilled workers having work experience and university degrees or industry certifications relevant to the proposed job in Croatia.

Companies having assignees requiring renewal of their work authorization should consult with their immigration supplier to address filing a timely extension application prior to the renewal cap being reached for the year.

This news alert was provided in coordination with our Croatian KGNM–Move One.

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