December 1, 2008

All foreign nationals are required to register their residence or accommodation within 24 hours of arrival in Shanghai.

All foreigners in Shanghai who visited the Shanghai Public Security Bureau before the 1st of December 2008 need to re-register and obtain new Temporary Residence Registration forms.

This is a follow up to a previous Global Brief, where Pro-link GLOBAL advised that on 1st October 2008, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau would issue a new Temporary Residence Registration Form for foreign nationals, replacing the prior version of the form.

This form has been released and all foreign national visitors and residents in Shanghai, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau passport holders, are required to complete temporary residence registration at the local police stations using the new form.

Please note that those clients who change residences in Shanghai must have their residence permits amended at the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in Pudong within 10 days of obtaining a new Temporary Residence Registration Form.

We have been advised that registration processes may vary across local police stations or managing offices, it is best to check with your local area police station to confirm their specific requirements.

The general documents may include:

  • Original and copy of passport;
  • Original and copy of lease agreement (or property title certificate);
  • Copy of lessee’s ID card; and,
  • New registration form – The form will either be a pink paper or white A4 paper which has a sequence number with a quadrate stamp.

Please note that the foreign national may have to file the registration report in person, however generally this is not required.

This Global BRIEF alert is provided for your information only.