July 01, 2013

The Pro-Link GLOBAL China office is checking closely with the Exit-Entry Bureau (PSB) in China on any news regarding the implementation of the proposed changes that were recently published as part of the New Exit and Entry Administrative Law, as we reported on in our Global Brief of June 20, 2013. In the meanwhile, the PSB in China has announced increased processing times for various applications, to be implemented nationwide starting July 1, 2013. Additionally, business visas are only renewable once going forward. Lastly, the PSB in Shanghai has implemented changes to the Residence Permit Entity Amendment process.

What’s Changed?

Extended Processing Times

The PSB has announced that processing times will be extended nationwide for the following applications:

  • Residence      Permit, including initial, renewal and amendment applications: 15 working      days excluding date of filing;
  • Visas,      including business and tourism visas: 7 working days, excluding date of      filing.

The new processing times as mentioned above are excluding date of filing and currently no expedited processing is available at the PSB. Some of the most highly travelled cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Suzhou, have started implementing the increased processing times immediately on July 1, 2013. Other cities are expected to implement them within the coming days.

Business Visa Renewals

Previously, foreigners could renew their business visa up to two times from within China. As of July 1, 2013 this in-country renewal will only be possible once. In order to extend a business visa within China a copy of the original government issued Invitation Letter used for the initial application will need to be submitted.

Residence Permit Entity Amendment

The PSB in Shanghai has announced that effective July 1, 2013 a Residence Permit Entity Amendment application will need to be submitted within 10 calendar days after the employee’s last working day at the previous working location, and, as already mentioned above, the processing time of this application has been increased to 15 working days. Since the Residence Permit Entity Amendment application can only be submitted once the Work Permit Entity Amendment application has been approved, this shortened window to apply for the Residence Permit amendment is in conflict with the increased processing times for the Work Permit Entity Amendment application to 15 working days, which we reported on in our Global Brief of May 10, 2013.


Companies in China should note the extended processing times for residence permit and visa applications at the PSB and have their foreign employees and families plan their travel accordingly.

Additionally, foreigners travelling on business to China should be aware of the limited possibility to extend their stay in-country beyond the validity of their initial business visa.

Lastly, companies with employees who might need a Work and Residence Entity Amendment are advised to contact their Pro-Link GLOBAL Immigration Specialist in China as soon as any information about a required Entity Amendment is known, for case-specific advice on how to avoid a penalty from the PSB for late submission of the Residence Permit Entity Amendment application.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

This is provided as informational only and does not substitute for actual legal advice based on the specific circumstances of a matter. Readers are reminded that Immigration laws are fluid and can change a moment’s notice without any warning. Please reach out to your local Pro-Link GLOBAL specialist should you require any additional clarification. This alert was prepared by Carlijn Langeveld, Coordinator, Knowledge Management and our Pro-Link GLOBAL China office.

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