The Beijing Labor Bureau has issued a new regulation that any work permit application must be submitted with either:

a)     An original of the applicant’s university certificate evidencing the applicant’s highest degree qualification (e.g., a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree). 

b)     If an original degree certificate is not available, or does not include the applicant’s degree qualification on the certificate, the Labor Bureau will accept a certified transcript or an original letter from the awarding university’s registrar confirming the applicant’s highest degree qualification.

Please note that the Labor Bureau’s minimum academic requirement must be the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the country where the degree is issued.

Applicants possessing their original degree certificates may forward their original certificates to China without need of any initial legalization by a Chinese consular post.  However, please note that the Labor Bureau reserves the right to refuse the original degree certificate and may request either legalized proof of a degree (i.e., authentication by a Chinese consular post certifying the applicant’s academic credentials).

For those applicants who do not have an original degree certificate, it will be necessary to obtain a legalized proof of degree (e.g., legalized university transcripts or legalized university registrar letter).

Clients with new assignments in Beijing should review an assignee’s academic qualifications to confirm the assignee possesses a bachelor’s or higher degree and the original degree certificate is readily available. In those instances where the original, highest degree is not available, assignees should anticipate several weeks to obtain original proof of degree for legalization by a Chinese consular post.