September 30, 2013

For companies sending employees to Canada on assignments for which a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) is needed, recent changes announced by the Canadian government have added new requirements for employers meant to make the Canadian labor market more restrictive for foreign nationals.  LMOs are now being used by the Canadian government to ensure that foreign nationals are not being sent to Canada to fill positions that can be filled by Canadians.  To ensure this, positions must be listed not only with the Canadian national job bank (or a similar website), but the open positions must also be posted with at least 2 other agencies/websites associated with the particular occupation.  Postings must also remain active for at least four (4) weeks with each of these websites / job agencies, where previously a position needed only to remain posted for two (2) weeks.  Finally, each application for a new LMO application must be accompanied by a new $275 processing fee.