July 03, 2012

Today, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA or “Itamaraty”) announced that its public employee’s strike has officially concluded. As this was a two-week strike, this may affect applications for legalizing documents at Brazilian consular posts and issuance of MFA’s approval of work visa applications for the remainder of July.

What’s Changed?

On Friday, June 19th, the public service employee’s labor union announced a first-ever strike by all MFA employees and for those Brazilian consular posts wishing to join in protest.

During the past two weeks, negotiations between the Brazilian Government and the MFA labor union officials continued until today’s successful resolution and return of the MFA workers to their posts. During that time, certain consular posts refused to legalize documents and ability to process work visa applications was comprised due to the MFA suspending transmission of work visa authorizations to consular posts.


Given that MFA has lifted its “indefinite strike”, for those Brazilian companies that have received approval of an assignee’s work permit application from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor (MOL), it is recommended to confirm with their Brazilian immigration suppliers if the MFA is delaying transmission of the assignee’s work visa approval to the consulate.

In addition, legalization of certain support documents (e.g., copies of university diplomas, employer letters of experience) is required to file a majority of work permit applications with the MOL. Certain Brazilian consular posts may be experiencing delays in issuing legalized documents.

It is recommended that over the next two to three weeks, companies should check with their immigration suppliers if there are any delays in receiving legalized documents and its impact on filing a work permit application. It is also recommended to confirm the approximate time for a specific Brazilian consular post to receive an assignee’s work visa authorization.

Glenn Faulk, Global Knowledge Manager, has written this alert in coordination with our Brazilian KGNM-Overseas Consultoria Ltda.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader

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