Christen Gause along with April Galati are putting together a clothing drive to benefit the Safe Children Coalition which is the agency that is responsible for all of the foster children in Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto Counties here in Florida.

These children are almost always removed from abuse or neglect situations and have no clothes or shoes.  The organization does have a place called the “Closet” where the social workers can go to get the children clothes.  The number one item that the “Closet” never has but has a huge need for is shoes, tennis shoes.  The shoes that get donated are usually worn out or they receive sandals.  These children need tennis shoes that they can wear to school.

I have a close friend that works for this agency who makes a little more than $10 dollars an hour running the kids to visitations and doctors appointments and some children are in such dire need of shoes that she has purchased them herself using her weekly food money.

Through my couponing I have amazed a small stock pile of food which I have used to supplement my friends food budget so she can eat.

I am using my talents (persuasion and networking) to put together the clothing drive.  April also has these awesome talents and together we are going to make this best clothing and shoe drive the organization has ever seen.

We are collecting kids clothes and shoes through donations made by individuals that care.  We are also aiming to collect 300 new pairs of shoes so we can stock the “Closet” with the one item they always need and never have.

Flyers will be placed throughout the community and we are working to set up collection points to collect the donations. Watch for postings on Facebook as well.

In the effort to collect new shoes I will be teaching a coupon class and the charge to attend the class is one new pair of tennis shoes.  I will teach the class online and in person.  The in person class will be held on March 31st.  The location is to be determined.

Through our connections we are working to have collection points throughout Manatee County on Saturday April 7th from the Publix grocery store parking lots.  We are in need of volunteers that are willing to man these posts from 10 am to 2pm to receive the items.  We will then collect the items by using a box truck that we are hoping we can get donated.

We are also going to collect items from various churches that we attend on Sunday April 8th.

Finally, all items will be delivered to the Safe Children Coalition on Monday April 9th.

If you have a talent that you would like to use to assist us, would like to volunteer or make a donation please let us know.  ​