February 04, 2013

Effective January 7, 2013, Argentina’s National Migration Office (Direcci?n Nacional de Migraciones or “DNM”) will require citizens of Australia, Canada and the United States pay an online reciprocity fee (La Tasa de Reciprocidad) prior to their first business visit or tourist entry to Argentina.

What is “Reciprocity Fee”?

A “reciprocity fee” is charged by countries as either a visa issuance fee or sometimes considered as an “entry tax” that certain foreign nationals must pay to enter a destination country.

The “reciprocity” is determined according to the diplomatic status between two countries with regard to border control and what each country’s immigration regulations mandate as a charge for issuing a particular immigration benefit.

CoS Categories Available to Licensed Sponsors

Due to the Governments of Australia, Canada and the U.S. charging specific entry fees for Argentine nationals, the DNM is now implementing a “reciprocity fee” on citizens of these countries when entering for business and tourism purposes.

As these citizens do not require a visa prior to travel to Argentina, travelers were permitted to pay this fee at an Argentine port of entry. After January 7th, Australian, Canadian and U.S. citizens are required to pay the fees online via the DNM’s web portal prior to entry.

First-Time Users are required to set up their own online account by accessing the Sign-Up Page:


Once an account is established, travelers are advised to request submit their first fee receipt application as close to their intended date of travel as possible. Travelers can request their fee receipt at the following:


(NOTE: When entering Argentina, travelers will be required to present the same credit card used to pay the reciprocity fee.)

Please note that once the fee receipt is printed, depending on the traveler’s country of citizenship, the duration of stay is valid from the date payment is made to the DNM. Travelers must print their fee receipt and confirm their duration of stay prior to entering Argentina. Typical durations of stay are as follows:

Australian citizen:

US$100/single-entry valid for travel to Argentina for 12 months from date of issue. Upon entry to Argentina, duration of stay is for three months.

Canadian citizen:

US$75/single-entry valid for travel to Argentina for three months from date of issue. Upon entry to Argentina, duration of stay is for three months.Re-entry permitted from bordering countries (Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia) within these 3 months.

US$150/multi-entry valid for five years from date of issue. Upon entry to Argentina, duration of stay is for three months, per entry.

U.S. citizen:

US$160/multi-entry valid for travel to Argentina for 10 years. Upon entry to Argentina, duration of stay is for three months, per entry.

All travelers should review the summary of steps to Argentina with their fee receipts at the following:



Companies requesting Australian, Canadian and U.S. citizen employees to travel to Argentina for business should request employees to register for an online account and submit their fee receipt requests as close to travel as possible.

Given that this is an online applications to a government website, it is suggested that employees submit their requests within two to three days of travel to ensure that should the site experience unusually high volume, there is opportunity to make repeated attempts to apply online.

For those employees having multi-entry, long duration receipts, it is suggested that they keep their receipts in a secure place to facilitate all future travel to Argentina.

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