October 24, 2011

On August 25, 2011, Argentina’s National Migration Directorate (DNM) issued Disposition 2094/2011 modifying the procedure of issuing of an entry permit for long and short-term visas. As of September 6, the DNM began issuing electronic entry permits authorizing Argentine consular posts to issue visas requiring the DNM’s prior approval.

The Entry Permit 

Under Argentine immigration law, the DNM is responsible for processing all work permit applications. Once a work permit application is approved, the DNM will issue an entry permit (Permiso de Ingreso) to forward to the appropriate Argentine consular post to authorize issuance of the visa.

What’s Changed? 

Prior to August 25, the DNM issued an envelope on behalf of the assignee and family members enclosing the assignee’s and family’s entry permits along with other pertinent documents and information. For assignees applying for a Labor Contract visa (Temporary Resident Visa-Article 23a), the entry permit was forwarded to the Argentine consular enclosed with the assignee’s original labor contract.  For intra-company transferees (Temporary Resident Visa-Article 23e), entry permit envelopes also enclosed the Argentine host company invitation letter.  Once the envelope was received by the consulate, the consulate would schedule a visa appointment for the applicant and all accompanying family members.

As of August 25, it is the responsibility of the Argentine host company representative, or the company’s designated proxy, to check with the DNM on the approval of the work permit application.  Once the DNM approves the work permit application, the DNM will request the company representative/proxy to sign an “Act of Notification” (Acta de Notificacion) confirming notice of the approval and to request the DNM to issue an entry permit.

Once the DNM issues the entry permit, the DNM will forward individual entry permit information to the Office for Foreign Admissions for posting of the assignee’s and family member’s visa authorizations to the DNM’s internal website.  Each entry permit will include a case file number or “Disposition #” (Disposicion No.) for reference.

Please be advised that the DNM will no longer forward any entry permits or actively notify an Argentine consular post of any visa authorizations. It will be the responsibility of the Argentine consular officers to check the DNM’s website to confirm all visa authorizations in order to arrange personal appearance appointments by the assignee and family to file their visa applications.

Also, under the new procedure, the DNM will no longer forward any Argentine company support documents to the consular posts. Therefore, the Argentine company representative or the company’s proxy will be responsible for checking with the appropriate consular post as to the specific host company documents to include with the assignee’s visa application and to forward those documents directly to the assignee prior to attending a consular appointment.

Current DNM Processing Times and Application Protocols 

Currently, it is taking the DNM approximately 30-45 days to process a work permit application and post all entry permit to the DNM’s website. Once the e-mail is received by the consulate, the general processing time for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) applications is between two weeks to two months, depending on the availability of appointments at a given consular post and the time required by the consulate to prepare the TRV and consular envelopes.

Upon approval of the TRV application, the consular posts will issue a TRV and two consular envelopes to each applicant.  TRV’s are normally issued for one year and are accompanied by separate, sealed envelopes endorsed “Ezeiza (Airport)” and “Registro de las Personas”.  TRV’s will also include a “use visa” (Vigencia del Visado) annotation confirming the period in which a visa holder must travel to Argentina to activate his or her status.

Upon arrival in Argentina, TRV holders must present their passports and the “Ezeiza” envelope to the admitting immigration officer. Once admitted to Argentina, an appointment must be made with the local Registro de las Personas office to present passports and the Registro envelope to apply for a national identity document (DNI) within 60 days of arrival.  Currently, it is taking approximately 60 days to receive the DNI card.


Once the DNM approves the work permit application, the Argentine host company representative or their proxy should obtain from the DNM a copy of the assignee’s Act of Notification along with confirming the assignee’s and family member’s “Disposition #” in order for the assignee to confirm receipt of his or her visa authorization with the nearest Argentine consular post.  While this procedure is not required, it is recommended to confirm that all visa authorizations are confirmed by the consular post prior to making an appointment.

In addition, the Argentine company representative/proxy should forward by air courier to the assignee all pertinent Argentine corporate support documents required by the consular post.

This news alert was provided in coordination with our Argentine KGNM–AFN Visas.com International S.R.L.

Caveat Lector | Warning to Reader 

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