Pro-Link GLOBAL has been advised by our PLG |KGNM in Buenos Aires, Argentina that from March 1st, 2010 there is an additional requirement for in-country filings of temporary or permanent residency applications.

The Immigration authorities will request that the applicant or spouse, prove their local residence or address. This can be done in one of two ways.

1)  The presentation of an address certificate on behalf of the applicant or spouse issued by competent authority. The address certificate will be considered valid as long as its date of issuance does not exceed ninety (90) calendar days from the time of submission.

2) By producing a local public utility bill in either the principal applicant or spouse’s name.  

This aim of this measure is to allow immigration authorities to verify the applicant’s current address in Buenos Aires for the DNI Process. As a DNI card is Argentina’s national identity document, a person who establishes residency is legally required to obtain a DNI within 90 days of entering Argentina under their temporary residence permit.

If the documentation produced is from the spouse, please be advised that the spouse is required to provide evidence of the marital relationship by producing a marriage certificate that has been translated, notarized and Apostilled or Legalized for use in Argentina.